Our Products

– Stock Trading: Owning stocks means owning a piece of a company. Invested funds are working for you on 24/7 basis. Have you ever wanted to own part of a great business? That is exactly what happens when you invest with GTI Investments. We invest your money into STOCKS and FOREX trading and pay you a monthly dividend of 3%.
– GTI Investments is an investment company whose objective is to trade on stocks exchange. As a result, GTI Investments trades within the principal stock markets in Europe and in America such as the New York Stock Exchange and FOREX.
– Distribution and sales of fast moving consumer products such as milk, salt, rice, sugar, detergents, tomatoes, biscuits, sweets, etc.

As an investment company, we remind our investors that invested funds grow much faster than a savings account. As a matter of fact, Stocks and Forex trading is one of the principal ways whereby GTI Investments makes more than 70% of its profits.