Our Products

– Stock Trading: Owning stocks means owning a piece of a company. Invested funds are working for you on 24/7 basis. Have you ever wanted to own part of a great business? That is exactly what happens when you invest with GTI Investments. We invest your money into stocks and other investments; we then generate profits and pay you a monthly dividend.

– GTI Investments is an investment company whose objective is to trade on stocks exchange and help grant our investor’s financial freedom. As a result, GTI Investments trades within the principal stock markets in Europe and in America such as the New York Stock Exchange and also trade locally with Douala stock exchange.

• Expect highs (and lows): The price of an investment can fluctuate, affecting your investments at any point in time.
• Investing—and taking some risk—gives your money an opportunity to grow so it can maintain purchasing power over time.
• GTI makes sure it picks profitable portfolio to help curtail investments risk.

As an investment company, we remind our investors that invested funds grow much faster than a savings account. As a matter of fact, Stocks trading is one of the principal ways whereby GTI Investments makes more than 50% of its profits